Climax Golden Twins
(Live Cassette Series Volume 1)

Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT-004) 1997 cassette
Anomalous (FBT005A) 1999 10" vinyl

This tape is an edit of two recordings done live at the Speakeasy Cafe in Seattle, WA. These shows were part of the Other Sounds series. If you listen really close, you will hear the promoter yell "It's too loud" in the middle of a great guitar amp feedback buzz fest. This tape also includes the mesmerizing "Squeaking chair and magazine rack" sequence that looked like something out of a Lynch film.



Speakeasy (Vol. 1)
NY Radio (Vol. 2)
Rendezvous (Vol. 3)
Imperial Festival (Vol. 4)


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Scott Colburn, seattle, wa      © 1997 all rights reserved