Sun City Girls

Sidereal Rest
Scratch (#21) 1995

Paste - Please, No Music Tonight
US Saucer - Stowing Dung
Thee Crusaders - Unmoveable
Melcher - Ladies, I Am Bad News
Extra Glenns - Sure
Roughage - Vacas
Mark - The Chauffer
Blaise Pascal - Straight is the Gate
Good Horsey - Can of Worms
Refridgerator - Save
B.C. Scar -Waterskiing
Loren Mazzacane - Hours
Sun City Girls - Kasper Hauser
Kathleen Yearwood - Excerpt from Opponent
Bugskull - Lost and Found
Pork Queen - Without Your Withsides
Caroliner Rainbow Splinter Mine Deserves - Epic of the Well Meaning and the Thick
Staked Plain - Blind Dog Found
Thinking Fellers Union - Electric Chair
Noggin - Mucho Gratitdo Ukelele Mi Amigo
Payment - Fountain Scissors

This was one of those projects that took forever to complete. The Girls were asked to submit a cut for this comp that was late night smokey music. Without really thinking about it, a section of an improv fit into that category. This is the cut that appears on this disc. the unfortunate thing is that the master was submitted on cassette because that's the only format the label could play back. I think the quality suffers because of it but I'm nit picking now. The cut was recorded in the classic 234/57/PZM fashion as most of the stuff I did in this period was done.