Climax Golden Twins
(Live Cassette Series Volume 2)

Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT-006) 1997
Anomalous (FBT005C) 1999 10" vinyl

This cassette is comprised of various improvs, sessions and live shows with various other people. This is the CGT's personal favorite. It includes the hyper-stereo recording of the Twins at the Rendezvous Tavern in Seattle, WA.

For this show, they wrote concepts down on paper, put them all in a jar, pulled out the concepts one by one and performed them. I sort of remember the waitress having a few cuts and bruises about her face as she brought me my Red Hook (of which I had several). The proof is in the last cut.



Speakeasy (Vol. 1)
NY Radio (Vol. 2)
Rendezvous (Vol. 3)
Imperial Festival (Vol. 4)


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Scott Colburn, seattle, wa      © 1997 all rights reserved