Sun City Girls - Piasa...Devourer of Men

Abduction (ABDT-003) LP 1994

Side A

Hatchling (Folklore of the Nest)
At The Base of the Mountain of Noise
Warning to Massatoga
The Flying Leather Jackets of Pajarito
Wingspan Eclipse the Moon
Brilliant Pebbles

Side B

Perhaps One Woman of the Dark
Glowing Red Eyes
A Lovely Demon Danced Upon
Struggle Under Talons
A Previously Unknown Sacrifice
Ouatogo's Death Song
17 Mighty Arrows
Lizard Copter
Devourer of Men (Finale)

Skull Block (not released)

The bulk of this LP was recorded at the same time as the Juggernaut LP. We were contracted to do the score for a short film called Juggernaut. We ended up doing two sessions on 11-27-93 and 12-3-93 that yielded 2 hours of useable material. Piasa and Juggernaut are the results of these two sessions. Another interesting note is the first cut on side 2 (Perhaps One Woman of the Dark), was the first recording we did at the Palatine studio. It is chilling in that it is an incantation to make the studio our own which is was for about two years. There are two live cuts on this LP. At the Base of the Mountain of Noise was recorded at Larry Blake's in Berkeley, CA 10-28-93. A Lovely Demon Danced Upon was recorded at the Off Ramp Seattle, WA 7-30-93. All tracks except Devourer of Men were recorded on a four track cassette system. Devourer of Men was recorded with a handheld cassette recorder