Sun City Girls

Live From the Land of the Rising
Japan Overseas (j097-30)

Little Baby Diamondhead
It's Lovely at the Top of the Food Chain
Crime Scene Clean
Apothecary Deluxe
Night of Spilled Brains
Atomic Jackal
IMOK Anti Gravity
AWOL Flyers
Maggot-Dripping Mouth
An End Ground Down

This is a document of the Sun City Girls April 1997 tour of Japan. This disc highlights the best performances and improvisations from the four shows (Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka). These recordings were made with the Tascam DA-P1 with TOA K-4 condensors in an XY pattern at various spots in each club. The funny thing was that I was also carrying my laptop because I was updating my database during the whole trip. Most people thought that I was controlling the sound or the lights or something with my laptop. Maybe I was.