Cover Image Cover Image 7-17-93

Sun City Girls- Kaliflower

Abduction (ABDT-001) CD 1993
Abduction (ABDT-001) LP 1994

X+Y=Fuck You
Dead Chick in the River
And So the Dead Tongue Sang
Cigar Shaped the Moonlight
Archaeoptryx in the Slammer

The Venerable Uncle Tompa
I Knew a Jew Named Frankenstein

Opium Den (not released)

This project came out originally as a CD. The front cover was a picture of Kali from a mini poster that Alan had bought in India. About three or four months later it was re-released as a vinyl edition. The only cut I actually recorded was the Uncle Tompa/Venerable song. That was from the 1990 tour when they stopped in Chicago and played at Lower Links. This was another one of those magical nights. This is the first recording I made of them. The whole recording is excellent but this is the only cut that will see the light of day. Uncle Tompa was recorded on the 234 cassette four track with two PZM taped to the ceiling and a stereo line out of the board mix. It was mixed a few months later at Hollywood Sound Recordes through a Neve with some sort of expensive compressors. It makes all the difference. If you have a some cassette four track tapes you want to mix, take it to a swanky studio and spend the money. You won't regret it.