Sun City Girls- Juggernaut

Abduction (GVR-002) LP 1994

Outskirts of the Possible
My Friend Nothing (Main Title)
Bird in a Grave
The Life Expectancy of a Fly

Expendable City
Spatial Retreat
The Darkest Look
Among All Flat

Bus Scene
Suck In

(not released)

We were approached by Mark Roman Bodner about doing a soundtrack for his film that was set in Eastern Europe. We requested a copy of the film and everyone watched it several times to get a feel of what kind of music was needed. Film music indeed! We ended up recording enough useable material for Juggernaut and Piasa. This is Sun City Girls at there most somber but if you ever see the film, you'll know why. This was also recorded on the 234 cassette four track with two PZM's a 57 and the crackly AKG.