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Sun City Girls - Jacks Creek

Abduction (ABDT-006) 1994

Side A
Bubblin' Greenery

Side B

Useless Stillborn
Pork Floozle
Fact the Business
Double Suicide Over a Saddle
Jazz Music of the Civil War
A Chase Through Sweet Lips
Jacks Creek

You want to know how this monster reared its head? Well...I'll tell ya. Every once and awhile during a session the Girls will blow off steam by doing some good ol' downhome stompin'. The way grandad used to do it back in the hills. I noticed a consistency of this material which was rather creepy but would lend itself to a concept LP. This LP inspired the debated American Music Hall show that same year that consisted of nothing more than a few hobos waiting for a train and getting liquored up on some corn willow 'shine and singing about ol' Dixie. This whole album was recorded on a Tascam 234 cassette four track with two PZM's, one SM57 and that crackly AKG.