Climax Golden Twins
Imperial Household Orchestra

Scratch (#23) 1996

CGT Notes:
Our first Full Length compact disc. Oh Boy! That's a whole mess of CGT to wade through. Our first effort with John freaking out with us the whole way through. I think Scott called it "an epic masterpiece" HA! Thanks to Keith Parry for putting it out and putting up with us.

SWC Notes:
This was recorded on the 80-8 with various mic's in various positions. The method was to record three tracks (each member getting a track) as an initial improv and then sift back through to add additional tracks and build up sounds. The whole thing was edited on the Pro Tools system with mixes from the 8 track, some cassette sources and several straight to DAT "live in the studio" tracks.

  The Imperial Household Orchestra:
    Wesley H Gray
    Jesse Miller
    Javier Gallegos
    Linda Peschong
    Simon Poole
    Don Fells
    Rob Millis
    Pandora Andre-Beatty
    John Vallier
    Jeffery Taylor
    Scott Colburn


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Suite for Imperial Household Orchestra
he Introduction of Unknown Items
Bird Sound
Cactus Zither Dub
Truncated Holyland Courtyard Piece
Divine Horse Chocolate
Across the Courtyard from the Palace Window
One Million Sinks
Frolic Stupor
Wake Up
All This Juice
Pure Nonsense Intermission
I Heard You Cry
Ambient Interlude
Simon Poole Climax Remix
Vocal Interruption

Suite For Imperial Household Orchestra #4
Yip Yuk Hing
The Introduction of Unknown Items
Hungarian Household Quartet and Percussion Ensemble
Bird Sounds
Suite for Imperial Household Orchestra #'s 6 & 9
Wesley H. Gray's First Date In Years
Waking Up in a Malaysian Factory
Truncated Holyland Courtyard Piece
Across the Courtyard From the Palace Window
Maiden Voyage
For the Taylor and Everyone Concerned
Vocal Interruption
Cactus Zither Dub
Ancient Chinese Remedy
Ignorant Eloquence?
One Million Sinks
Heavy Crystal Dish Gamalan Marshmellow
Sick in All Directions
Absolutely Queer
Somethings Wrong
Frolick Stupor
Divine Horse Chocolate
Wake Up
I Heard you Cry
Eye Level
Ambient Interlude
Simon Poole Climax Remix
Does Your Mother Know I'm Here
Dmitri's Chinese Climax
Pure Nonsense Intermission
The End
All this Juice
Alan's Stunning Realization
Bad High Rise Approximation
Failed Noise Suite
Pancake Fingers
Song for the Great Accordionist Wesley H. Gray
Scott's Colon at Work
Spit Trick
Pure Fucking Swill

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