Climax Golden Twins
Imperial Festival
(Live Cassette Series Volume 4)

Fire Breathing Turtle (FBT-007) 1997
Anomalous (FBT005D) 1999 10" vinyl

After the completion of the recording of Imperial Household Orchestra, we decided to have a listening party at my house. We rigged the house for sound which included a squeaky chair (the same squeaky chair from the Speakeasy shows) with a microphone in it, run to an 8 second delay to a tube reel to reel recorder turned up full blast. when someone would sit in the chair the delay would happen about 10 feet away from the chair, under the snack table. There was a wireless mic attached to the toilet bowl and broadcast to living room behind a plant. There was a tape of screaming electronics on a boombox in the broiler of the oven. There were wireless mics behind paintings on the wall.

The real clincher was the Climax Golden Twins performing in the studio which no one was able to access. We rigged up a surveillence camera in the corner and performed by candlelight. This image was fed through the floor to two televsions. The feed from the board was fed to the upstairs stereo and cranked.

The Twins made quiet sound which I processed and amplified. We could hear people laughing and clapping through the floor during this mind fuck.


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