Various Artists

You Gan't Boar Like an Eabla When you Work with Turkry's
Amarillo (AM-587) CD 1996

Anton LaVey- Hello Central
3 Doctors- Holiday
US Saucer- Scold Mourners
Secret Chiefs Trio- Assassin's Blade
Zip Code Rapists- Happy Like Larry
Diselhed- Brown Dragon
Heavenly Ten Stems- Aaj Ki Raat
Neil Hamburger- Looking For Laughs
Charles Gocher- Show Me the Way to Go Home
3 Doctors- Cyclops
Zip Code Revue- Doctors Are Spreading Disease
Harvey Sid Fischer- Tarus
Thinking Fellers Union- Everyday
Faxed Head- The Mechanic
Totem Pole of Losers- Jesus, I am Loving You
Today's Sounds- Let's Turkey Trot
Sun City Girls- Me and Mrs. Jones
Great Phone Calls

This compilation was edited in Pro Tools. It was an interesting compilation to assemble because I received a big huge box of masters from Amarillo. I thought it was pretty cool to hold the masters of all this wacked music. I think amarillo is a great label and deserves way more attention than it gets. This comp is a testament to that.