Cover Image 3-4-94

Sun City Girls

Midnight Cowboys From Impanema

Breakfast Without Meat (BWM005) Cassette 1986
Amarillo (AM-587) LP 1994
Amarillo (AM-587) CD 1996

Side A

I've Done it All
Fly By Night
Achram Slow that Speed Boat Down
Midnight at the Oasis
Gary Had Sex
Sweet City Woman
I'm Gonna Die Tomorrow
Who's that Lady
Cook Ya Homos
Love Train
Caco Demons

Side B

Radar Love
My Sperm
Canadian Dave
Tell Me Something Good
Me and Mrs Jones
Ha Ha

This was originally released as a cassette in 1986. For this re-release we went back to the original cassettes and remastered the whole deal. The cassette version is still special because it includes additional cuts. These cuts are Sev Acher, Gum Arabic, Circus Hadam and Go Wild. Every other cut is a cover tune and every other other cut is what happens when two boys get a hold of a portable cassette recorder with weak batteries.