Sun City Girls- C.O.N. Artists

Poon Village (PV23) LP 1993

Black Tent
Instruments of Torture

Nights of Malta

This vinyl project was the first released project I did for the Sun City Girls. It is basically the entire show performed at the CON Artist loft space in Charlestown, MA. A very magical night indeed. CON Artist produce silkscreened product. This cover displayed a seven color silkscreen on white jacket stock. There was a small number done on black stock too. Just about every cover varies in some way due to the constant changing of color for each screen. Sound quality is fair. Nephthys features Brian Hagerman from the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 on viola. The basic recording ws done by hanging two PZM's on either side of the performance space off a metal pipe that ran through the loft. Another PZM was dismantled and taped to the top of Charlie's kick drum. A SM57 was taped to the vocal mic to pick up vocals an other sounds. Most of the 1992 tour was recorded in this fashion.