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Sun City Girls

Cloaven Theatre
Abduction (Film 1) VHS 1994

Flippin the Bird
An Old Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot
Music For the Funeral of Drama City
Nay Bah Zay
Bail Out of Jail
The Brothers Unconnected
Bliss of Coma
Drifting in Smiles
The Venerable Song
Hitman Boy
No, There I Go
Out on the Dixie
The Momentary Fugitive
The Venerable Song Part 2
Sam Manilla
Mamas Milk (Too Dry)
It's Not a Real Knife
Let the Night Roar
You know, public access is pretty cool sometime. Anyone can go in and use video equipment to make their own show. The unfortunate side of that opportunity in Seattle is that TCI has these classes you have to take in order to be ready to use the equipment. Charlie and I took all these classes and then, when we were ready to check out the gear, they pulled a fast one and said that our program hadn't been approved yet. What the Fuck? So I mosy on over to Viacom, walk in, sit down and edit this video and a TV show. No problems or hassles. Fuck TCI! The downside of this easiness is that when their attendant dubed the TV show, it was patched wrong and the tape came out blank. Oh well, the TV show never saw the light but this video did.