Bruce Lee, Heroin and the Punk Scene

Night of the Living Dead Vinyl triple 7" compilation

Sun City Girls - Kickin the Dragon
Frogs - Smack Goes the Dragon
Dimebag Child - Frere Nodda
   -Heroin Fuk
Sun City Girls - Harmful Little Armful
Zip Code Rapsists - The Suet Trees
   - Why People Do Heroin
Dimebag Child - Punk In Death
Bean Church - Choose Your Favorite President
Dimebag Child - Mr. Slurhead
Sun City Girls - Suck Suntown

This is the studio version of Kickin the Dragon. The live version appears on 330,003 Crossdressers. This was a four track cassette recording using three of the tracks for the music and the fourth for vocals and lead. A PZM was used above the drum kit and another was taped to the stringed instrument that resembles a guitar. A 57 was used for the multi stringed instrument and vocals. That Harmful Little Armful was an old track that I didn't record but I tried to make it sound as good as possible. Suck Suntown was comprised of three recordings. The first part is from a live show at the Off Ramp in Seattle. The second part is from a live show in San Francisco. and the third part is from a live show in Iowa on the 92 tour. The first two parts are from the same shows immortalized on the Cloaven Theatre video. Those two cuts are Out on the Dixie and Let the Night Roar