Sun City Girls

Box of Chameleons
Abduction (ABDT-009) triple CD 1997

Disc 1

Respected For Being Irrespectable
SCG Inc.
Priest On the Run
On the Sign
The Golden Cage
Theme to "Opium Cinema"
Criosote Landing
Song For a Dead Breath
Wuthering Corpse
Dogs of Luxor
Entrail - Littered Savannah
Asian Women on the Telephone
And Once There Was Us
Pitchfork Capitol
Suck In
The Magic Switch
He's Part-Nickle
A Light Hearted Comedy
Slash Kick Wrist
Lunar No Sooner
Take a Giant Schmuck
Beauty Rides All Demons
Sun City of Industry
Flipping the Bird
High Drama Llama
Coffee With Eyelash
You Tell Me
Cuts On Phantom Limbs
Trailor Therapy
Viola Madre
Swindler's Fist
Nova Expression #3
Tribute to Sonny Murray
The Space Genie Hiss
Clickety-Clack Go the Arterial Tracks
Law of Diminished Returns
It's Ours (Reprise)
We'll Still Be Hovering After You're Gonesville
March on Atlas
Mama's Milk (Too Dry)
Thanks A Lot, Cerebral Man

Disc 2

Prison Quality Food
Wary of It All
Nine Sides of Air
Yellow Fever
You Amuckness
Impersonal Tragedy
Next to No Way
Kuda Kepang
Bad Housekeeping
Tribute to Liberace
Miss Majestic
Eddie, Is That The Blue Moon?
Surfin' The Cardboard Stretcher
Vomiting Diamonds
Everything Burnt 'Cept the Naval
Indians, Jacks and Pines
Bad Daylight
The Brickyard
I Deal a Stick
The Doldrums
They Wanted to Dance - We Gave Em This
Mood Bazaar
Lubricated Forays
Doorknob Journalism
Is It Stroked?
Girl Trouble
Sprinkling The Demon Seed
Neptune Breeze
Indian Graveyard
The Palestine Club Half-Way House Scene
Tobacco Bong Hits
Clown Prince
Amethyst Nightgown
A Random Finale
Lifting the Hemline of the Unknown
A Photogenic Memory
The Eleven, Oh Nine in the Refridgerator, South Farmer
The Crowbar of Illusion
The Big Purr
A Throne's Stow

Disc 3

Sun City Girls From Impanema
Trust Me?
Zealous Island
Death in Yellowknife
Ajax Floodlamp
The Fog Hotel Swindle
Cooking with Satan
I Mean, I'm New to Her School
Three Blind Dice
Powell & Market
Rodent With a View
Brockway Roller Rink
Moonflower Power
My Daughter
Yemen Dagger Architect
The Third-Eye Mood Ring Medallion
A Blessed Removal
I Project Euphemy
Zeke Cambridge
The Apology
5th and Mill
Way Left North Out
I Hear It's the Best
Nights of Orange
Theme 5
Broken Circuit of Love
Parade Aglow

I remixed Respected For Being Respectable, Zealous Island, My Daughter, I Project Euphemy from old 1/2" analog eight tracks. It was remixed in an effort on my part to remix all the old 8 tracks. That was a fun time. Pinnacle was a four track cassette recording from a time when we just ran tape at every rehersal. The Juggernaut, Piasa and Dulce albums came from sessions similar to these. Criosote Landing was more four track madness but in a live setting. 2 PZM's in the crowd and a stereo board feed. Suck In is an out take from the Piasa/ Juggernaut sessions that should have been on the albums but got cut when time was an issue. This was also a fout track recording, as was Cuts on Phantom Limbs, A Tribute to Liberace, Bad Daylight, The Clown Prince, The Big Purr, The Third Eye Mood Ring Medallion, Theme 5. These four track session usually consisted of nothing more that a AKG on Alan's bass amp (or vicinity), a 57 on Rick's guitar (or vicinity) adn PZM above Charlies head and one on the Kick. Mama's Milk (Too Dry) was from a rehersal tape which was recorded on a portable Aiwa cassette recorder in the living room. Surfing the Cardboard Stretcher, Girl Trouble, The Fog Hotel Swindle is a live to DAT recording on Sun City Girls and the Ruins. Three PZM's on the ceiling and a 57 in a corner. Cooking With Satan, Rodent with a View was an out take frn the Dante's/330 sessions. This was an 8 track 1/2" recording.