Alvarius B

Abduction (ABDT-004) LP 1994

Side A

The Might Bufo
Gloomy June
Day-Glo Joe
Mystery Altitude
70 Mile House
The Waxing
Blue West
Cold Piece Capsule
Phantom Green Light
El Mirage
Outside Steppes
Jet Nicholson Murder

Side B

66 miles north of Vegas
Bad Moves of Distinction
Wreckage the Julip
Mouth Pacific
Deputy Piano Wired
Vongco Texa
Incident in your Hair
Flaming Stagecoach
Bloody White Shirt Handshake
Missing From Pasture
Mr Lonely
Cupid's Crossbow

9 cuts not used on separate reel

The interesting story behind this project was the making of the inserts. Alan and I took big stacks of inserts and burnt the edges on the electric coils on the stove in the house. At the end of this burning session the whole living room was filled with toxic fumes. We are still alive to tell the tale.