11-6-94 Cover Image

Sun City Girls

Apna Desh
Perfect (15612) 78rpm 1994

Side A
Apna Desh

Side B
Rookoo Bay

A truly interesting project! Both of these cuts also appear with different processing on the 3330,000 Cross Dressers... double CD. The idea of a 78 rpm was proposed by Dean Blackwood who has a passion for the technology of that era. We decided that this particular project was crazy enough to work. The songs were carefully processed for authentic mono fidelity. Apna Desh was recorded from a cassette and played on a $20 Sony tape recorder. A certain mic was placed nearby and the whole mess was recorded directly to a reel of tape. Rookoo Bay was a recording I made on my portable Aiwa in our livingroom. It is actually a practice before the (now legendary) Nightbreak acoustic show in San Francisco. This tape was re-recorded by playing it through the monitors in the studio and placing said mic in the mix position and recorded directly on to reel. Viola!