Sun City Girls - 330,003 Cross Dressers from Beyond the Rig Veda

Abduction (ABDT-008) Double CD 1996

Disc 1

Civet's Tango
Apna Desh
Cruel and Thin
Sardharma Royale
Sikya Boyah
Soi Cowboy
Kickin' the Dragon
Murderers Night
Diamond Macaque
Theme From "Sangkala"
Insect Dilemma
Delong Song
Kumari Sweet
Lies up the Niger

Disc 2

Cineria Blue
Shin Paku
Candi Suckuh
Ghost Ghat Tresspass/ Sussmeier
Vimana of the Twilight
Theme From "The Swaying Gardens of Apocalypsia"
Maybe I'll Kiss and Die a Fool (Finale)

Another exercise in excessiveness. A double CD of Torchesque pieces. This release is the premier of the Javanese Gamelan set. Civets Tango is an exercise in editing even though the noise sections appear in the proper place on the multitrack. Automation would have been helpful for that song. CCC was being mixed and I thought it lacked something. Fortunately a solid Seattle rain storm had hit and after toying with several mics and mic positions, the rain was recorded to give the song the Calcutta monsoon flavor it deserves. Apna Desh and Rookoobay were originally released on the Apna Desh 78rpm but with different processing. Kickin the Dragon and Ghost Ghat Tresspass/ Sussmeier are live cuts from the Off Ramp in Seattle and Bottom of the Hill respectively. Eyvind Kang plays violin on the latter. In fact, a portion of Sussmeier appears on Kang's 7 NADE's CD for Tzadik. Cineria Blue features a swinging microphone technique which allows the recorded sound to fly randomly within the stereo field but with much more abandon than is possible with a simple pan pot. I don't want to give away the mic technique directly but I can say, "Boy are my arms tired". Shin Paku and Maybe I'll Kiss and Die a Fool is from the ./scg/torch.html">Torch of the Mystics sessions.