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Sun City Girls

Torch Of the Mystics

Majora (5-23102) LP 1990
Tupelo (TUP 44-2) CD 1993

Blue Mamba
Tarmac 23
Esoterica Of Abyssynia
Space Prophet Dogon

The Shining Path
The Flower
Cafe Batik
Radar 1941
Papa Legba
The Vinegar Stroke
Burial In the Sky

Some say this is the best Sun City Girls release ever. There is no doubt that it is good and they have done nothing like it since but, considering that none of their albums sound like anything they've done before, it's hard to compare. I would venture to say that it is one of my favorites and that's why when I had the opportunity to remix all the reels from this time period, I wet my pants. I have since put together a CD of Torch of the Mystics, remixed with additional material that showed up on other projects through the year. What's that you say? Sorry, it's a limited edition of five.