Sun City Girls

Flat Volume 1
Locust (U-29846) 7" 1991

Vertigo - Nabrishkan Dreams
John Solt -As Soon As I Wake Up
Ken Ando Convenient Ensemble - Whump
Wisconsin Conservatory Of Noise - 60 Seconds for Orchestra
Byron Coley - The Bark at Bob's Backdoor
Sun City Girls - Encyclopedia Vomitanica

Bastro - It's Mercury I've Got in My Hips
Gregg Spence - I Need Somebody
Yusuke Keida - A Poet's Sea
Daniel Johnston - River of No Return
Crag Hill - My Mother's Not Albanian
Cruel Frederick - Small Note
PGR - Eight Corners of the Horizon

This was put out by good old Bob Moore, who, like me struggle against the grain getting stuck in a combine at every turn yet continuing just the same.