Sun City Girls

Voice of America & Voice of the World
Tedium House (1234)

Donald the Nut - Gong Show
Sun City Girls - Voice of America
Sun City Girls - Prick of the World
National Disgrace - I Thought I Saw Your Face
Lucian Tielens - Such a Grim Story
Donald the Nut - Gong Show
Lee Renaldo - Infinity
Sonic Youth - Made in the USA
Thrown Ups - I'm Going to Heaven With or Without You
Strength Through Joy - I'm a Clit
Strength Through Joy - Moon River
The Whitefronts - The Earth's Mandrill
The Whitefronts - Aguilar Bandage
Steve Fisk - Demo of Assist.
Pell Mell - Bring on the China
Donald The Nut - Gong Show
Emil Beaulieau - Audio Letter
Caroliner - Can't They Cry / Rapture Vision
Three Day Stubble - Gothic Beavo Lady
Tragic Mulatto - Voice From the Freeway
Piglatin - Stuck in His Eye
World of Pooh - Strip Club
Thinking Fellers Union - Theme From Sunset on Hair Mountain
TFLU282- Superstar
TFUL282 - Where Are You Going & Where Have You Been
TFUL282 - Birthday Stew
TFUL282 - Sick of You
TFUL282 - Fruity Fantasies
Donald the Nut - Gong Show